Make Managing Crew Easy.

Swift Expo collects shift availability and preferences from your team members and
assigns them based on your requirements, maximizing their happiness.
Managing crew is easy with

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Swift is the easiest way to manage and dispatch crew for your event.

It takes clicks,
not hours, to schedule everyone.
Happy crews have happy schedules - fewer no-shows and more all-stars!
Collect data to track and analyze your success.

Easy to use for both organizers and crew.
You're not limited by size - we scale from 10 to 10,000.

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Volunteer Log in

CIW was fun!
·scheduled 700 volunteers
· for a week of labs, workshops, and talks
· totalling to 100 events across the city!

Crew Log in

We had a great time at C2E2!
· ran a 140 person crew for a 63,000 person show
· This was a 20% larger show with 10% less crew.
· Turned in timecards on final night - that's two weeks earlier than any previous show.

Crew Log in

NYCC was fun for all!
· ran a 135,000 person show with 400 person crew
· slimmed scheduling from 120 down to 8 hours
· with a 94% satisfaction rate!